Custom wood creations.  Builder and designer of hand-crafted raised beds and planters


Staging & Events Coordinator


Administration & Scheduling



Environmental Science major and vegetable whisperer extrodinaire


Owner and very organic soul!



Licensed Architect and contractor, project management & design -

Organically yours!

Our Team

Organic Soul wants to be your partner in designing and installing a vegetable garden that is custom tailored to your tastes and  lifestyle.   We will work with you every step of the way to insure that your garden is productive and beautiful .

Growing our own food literally takes us back to our roots! It gives us a connection to our food and creates a mindfulness of our relationship to the Earth’s seasons, rhythms and beauty.

Eating locally….REALLY locally , is gentle on the planet and ourselves. We can feel confident knowing exactly where and how our food is grown.

Nurturing a vegetable garden gives us an appreciation for all that nature can provide. It creates a quiet peace and soothes the soul.

We want everyone to experience the joy and satisfaction of eating food that they have grown themselves.

It is our passion


Master Gardener and Garden Consultant


Garden Consultant